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In the Unaveruwa village, for 193 families including almost 348 women (which makes up seventy five percent of the community) Sesath is their main source of income. Regrettably, this unique, old art form is under threat and making communities dependent on it socially and economically marginalized. Increasingly the youth in the community are not willing to carry on the tradition due to limited economic returns and its perceived non-suitability as a vocation.

If the craft is to survive it needs proper marketing of the Sesath, its cultural value and the people who make it and diversification of products that honor the craft and address modern needs. An integrated plan that addresses the economic and social needs of the community may heighten the interest of a next generation of Sesath makers.

Chrysalis works with the community in Unaveruwa towards establishing it as tourist destination for local and international tourists which will enable them to understand the value of the craft, meet members of the community and understand their way of life. Youth from the village will be capacitated to lead this process providing them economic and social incentives.

Chrysalis has taken a holistic approach to address the factors that hinder growth in this industry including, the inability to establish and sustain competitiveness, develop economically viable products and lack of collectivization among villagers who make the craft, especially coordination and collaboration between different generations.

All activities are channeled through existing community governance structures (Praja Mandala) as the main stakeholder to ensure long term sustainability of the community.

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